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Executive Board Reimbursement

By MASC - Posted on 06 September 2013

For executive board members ONLY, MASC trainers who are not on the executive board may also get reimbursement for traveling expenses to events and trainings that they are training at. Form as of 9/1/2014

Fill out the attached form to receive reimbursement for mileage, parking/tolls, telephone calls, and other expenses incurred as part of your official MASC duties. Receipts needed for parking/tolls, etc.

Blank MASC Reimbursement Form.pdf15.34 KB

Pledge to Stop Bullying

MASC is helping to sponsor the pledge against bullying that Governor O'Malley recently spoke about.

To take the Pledge to Stop Bullying on Facebook
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You can also take the pledge by clicking here and clicking on "Play Now without badges" if you do not have a Facebook.


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MASC is affiliated with the National Association of Student Councils Region 2
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