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Permanent Documents

These are documents about MASC which rarely change, like the Constitution or Bylaws.


The MASC Platform shows all of the things that our organization stands for.

MASC Informational Packet - Why Join?

An informational packet, with information about the benefits of membership to MASC.


The MASC Bylaws are renewed each year, and govern the "day-to-day" processes of the organization. The President is responsible for submitting bylaws for his/her administration.


The MASC Constitution governs our organization's structure, powers, and duties.

MASC History

A history of the Maryland Association of Student Councils since its founding


In Proud Partnership with Maryland Leadership Workshops!!!

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Pledge to Stop Bullying

MASC is helping to sponsor the pledge against bullying that Governor O'Malley recently spoke about.

To take the Pledge to Stop Bullying on Facebook
Click Here and select "Take The Pledge"

You can also take the pledge by clicking here and clicking on "Play Now without badges" if you do not have a Facebook.

Region 2

MASC is affiliated with the National Association of Student Councils Region 2
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